How To Stay On Top Of Your New Year Goals

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Many of us have resolutions we start every year to better ourselves. While it’s easy to set a goal it can be hard to stick with it and stay motivated. Losing motivation and energy to complete these goals are avoidable! With the right planning and expectations you can accomplish your goal and take pride in all the hard work you put in to achieve it!

How To Stay On Top Of Your New Year Goals
Be Picky

Too many goals can be overwhelming and discouraging. It’s hard to juggle too many things at once and not being able to fully prioritize one goal or another is only going to set yourself up for failure. This is why you should be picky with the goals you set and start what you want to get done the most. You can always start a new goal once you finish your first one!

Plan it Out

Do research on your resolution to see how long it will realistically take to complete. Setting realistic expectations takes away a lot of pressure from completing your goal by a set time. It can take up to 6 months for lifestyle changes to become a habit, take it slow and pace yourself accordingly. Slowing it down lets you adapt to changes and setbacks as they come along without the stress of a set timeline!

Choose a New Resolution

For some people it may be best to start a new resolution. If you choose one you’ve started before and failed you may become discouraged quicker and lose motivation. Learning French can wait until 2025 if it didn’t work out in 2023…or 2022. Starting with a clean slate and picking up something new will feel refreshing and give you something to feel excited about! Even if it’s something smaller, an improvement to you and your lifestyle is an accomplishment you should be proud of!

Talk About It

Don’t be afraid to share your goals with your friends and family! Telling them you want to better yourself is very commendable and may even motivate them to start their own resolution! This creates a support group for you that will hold you accountable if you start slacking and encourage you when you start to get lose motivation. Who knows, you might even find a buddy with similar goals to work alongside you so you don’t have to go through it alone!

Track Your Progress

Accomplishing your goal isn’t going to happen overnight. Because of this, it may feel like progress isn’t being made. Keep track of your progress by writing down the positives you see and how you’ve been sticking with it! If you feel discouraged simply look at your progress so you can see your hard work is paying off! Many goals should be treated like a marathon, not a race. Pace yourself and focus on the good, not the bad.

Keep Trying

Take a break if you start to feel burnt-out by your goal. Resolutions don’t need to happen in January, they can start any time of the year. It’s normal to feel burnt-out and hit a bump in the road, that only makes you human! You can always continue your progress or hit the restart button and start again. If you can keep that motivation you will complete your goal. The time it takes to complete the goal doesn’t matter as long as you reach the finish line!

New Years goals can take some time and will provide challenges along the way. With the proper mindset and tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to accomplish them in no time!