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While National Love Your Pet Day is this week, it’s never a bad time to spoil your pet and show how much you love them. It may not take much, but the extra attention and care today would mean the world to them! Here are some fun ways you can give your pet some extra love and spoil them today!

Have A Spa Day

Pamper your pooch in style. An at home spa day will have them feeling clean and refreshed! Trim their nails, wash their coat, and brush their fur to remove any loose hair that may be starting to shed as the weather warms up!

Extra Treats

Animals love treats more than their human friends do. Lean into your pets indulgent side and give them extra snacks to munch on today. Supply them with treats as a fun little surprise throughout the day as a token of appreciation for all the love the have for you! If you want to go the extra mile, try making these homemade dog cookies your pup is going to love!

Go On An Adventure

If your pet likes going outside, take them for a walk or on an adventure to their favorite place! Get them a pup cup from your local coffee joint and go to the dog park so they can play with their friends! If going outside isn’t an option, a little bit of extra time out of your day to play with them and get them active will be just as good!

Snuggle Up With Them

This one allows you to spoil yourself a little bit too. Stay in bed a little longer this morning and spend extra time snuggling up to your pet. Animals cherish the time spent snuggling with their human and the time together is great for bonding with your furry friend!

Cook Something Special

Stray away from the kibble for the day and cook up a special meal for your pet. Cook unseasoned meats such as chicken, turkey, or beef. These are healthy options your animal will definitely love! If your pet prefers breakfast over lunch, you can stir up some unseasoned eggs and serve that instead!

Please consult your pets veterinarian beforehand and take their medical needs into consideration before feeding them anything.

New Gifts

Even dogs like to be spoiled with gifts. Treat them with a new toy to play with or get them this comfortable orthopedic bed to sleep on! If you have a cat, you might want to consider getting them a new cat tower or splurge a little on a brand new cardboard box for them to lay in!

Pets are seen as part of them family. Show them how much they mean to the household and give them some extra love today! Let us know how you spoil your pet by sharing a photo and tagging us @homebygeneva on Instagram!