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Looking to keep the kids busy but tired of the same old board games lying around? If so, try out Taco vs Burrito! This fun card game is great for the whole family, is easy for the kids to learn, and is a great way for the family to bond together!


Engaging and Fast-Paced Fun: Dive into the delightful world of Taco vs Burrito! This thrilling card game, perfect for kids aged 6-12, guarantees endless fun and laughter during family game nights.

Easy to Learn, Quick to Play: Ideal for busy families and young minds, this game is a breeze to pick up and plays in just 15 minutes. Perfect for 2 to 4 players, it’s the go-to activity for birthday parties and casual gatherings.

Boosts Creativity and Strategy: Created by a 7-year-old, this game sparks imagination and strategic thinking. It’s not just about fun; it’s a unique way to enhance cognitive skills in children and adults alike.

Perfect Gift for All Occasions: Looking for a birthday gift for a 7-year-old boy, a Christmas present for a 9-year-old girl, or a unique stocking stuffer? Taco vs Burrito fits all these needs, making it a hit for every occasion.

Family Bonding Time Redefined: Bring everyone together with this captivating game. Whether it’s a cozy family night, a playdate for kids, or a friendly competition among siblings, Taco vs Burrito is sure to create memorable moments.



This game is so much fun for family and children of seven years of age. What a good way to learn about food and reasoning skills!


Very creative children’s game that is also extremely fun for adults. Simple enough for a six year old to pick up on the rules within a few rounds. Fast paced-games can be completed in about 10-15 minutes. It is so much fun we kept starting new games and played for hours!


Got this is as a gift for my 6 year old nephew. He absolutely loved this game! There’s strategy but not too much to overcomplicate it and the game doesn’t drag out to lose his attention.

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