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It’s officially Spooky Season! Time to binge your favorite haunted shows and movies! We’ve compiled a list of all available shows and movies for a SPOOKTACULAR night in from the most popular streaming services.

Spooky Streaming Guide


Monster House Fear StreetIT The Mist Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark The Mist The MunstersTexas Chainsaw Massacre Things Heard & SeenIt FollowsMaleVolentGerald’s GameResident Evil Dracula CargoErrementari EliThe WretchedApostle

Disney Plus

Hocus Pocus Haunted MansionThe Scream Team The Nightmare Before ChristmasHalloween Town (All Four)Hocus Pocus Phantom of The MegaplexDon’t Look Under The BedTwitches (1 & 2)Trick or TreatMaleficent Cruella


True BloodPoltergeist Practical MagicThe CraftMalignantThe PurgeAntlersThe Witch The Night HouseGremlins The Shining Scary Movie (1-3)Scream (1-3)Scooby Doo


Edward Scissorhands Corpse Bride Scream QueensMatriarchHellRaiserSixSenseDownBadHairDon’t Be Afraid Of The DarkWish UponThe Omen The Ring The Grudge Stephens King’s IT (1990)Elvira, Mistress of The Darrk Castle RockThe Addams Family (2019)Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Amazon Prime (Rent or Buy)

BeetlejuiceHotel Translyvania (1-3)The Love Witch The Halloween FranchiseCandyman Mother Hereditary XSilence of The LambsA Quiet PlaceJennifers BodyVan HelsingCreature From The Black LagoonJeepers Creepers 1&2 The Monster Squad The Dog Who Saved Halloween

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