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While some of us may enjoy our holiday decor for another month or so, others like to get started packing it away to start the new year fresh. We’ve gathered helpful tips and tricks for storing your winter home decor!

Holiday Storage Solutions

Use Dividers For Ornaments

If you have fragile ornaments we recommend wrapping those in bubble wrap for extra security. For nonfragile ornaments storing in a tub with dividers helps keep everything organized. Stores like Target have tubs specifically designed for ornament storage, shop here.

Wrap Your Lights

An easy way to store your Christmas lights is to wrap them around a rectangle piece of cardboard. This helps them from getting tangled. Another great technique is using a hose reel to store your lights.

Holiday Storage Solutions

Store Wrapping Paper in a Garment Bag

Use a hanging garment bag to keep wrapping paper secure and safe. You can save space by hanging this up in a coat closet versus being stored in a tub.


Labeling is highly recommended in order to keep track of everything you have. Placing labels on storage tubs can help you next year know what is inside each box. Looking for a great label maker, check here.

Take Photos

Snap a few photos of how you set up your decor this year so you can remember what goes where when it is time to decorate next year.

Store Your Tree

Tree storage bags are a great way to keep your tree in good condition and protect it for next year. Shop for tree bags here.

Create a Wrap Station

If you have the space, a permanent wrap station may be a great option for you. Organizing bags, wrapping, tags, cards, and more can create a stress-free environment for your gift wrapping needs. For wrapping station ideas, read more here.

Holiday Storage Solutions