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Reading is key to expanding your knowledge. Whether you are still in school or far graduated reading brings many benefits to all!

Create the perfect reading nook

Here are some fun stats about reading

1. Reading reduces stress by 68 percent .

2. Children who read 1,000,000 words a year are in the top two percent of reading achievement.

3. Children learn 4,000 to 12,000 words per year through reading.

4. Reading enhances your memory.

Reading is a great way to expand your knowledge or go on an adventure without leaving your home. We’re going to show you tips and tricks for creating the perfect reading nook!

Pick The Perfect Spot

For the perfect reading nook, somewhere with lots of natural light is a great choice. Keep in mind you’ll want somewhere quiet. Do you have a cool closet under your stairs? Windowsill in your bedroom? Choose a spot that makes sense in your home.

Make It Fun

This is your time to create a space for you and any other bookworms in your family. Don’t be afraid to use fun bold colors, or eccentric decor. Create an area that brings you a sense of peace.


Have a few readers in your family? Try a bench or love seat so more than one person can enjoy this space at a time. Here are some seating options we love:

Build In Storage

Creating a reading nook is the perfect opportunity to showcase your existing library. Organize the books according to color, size, genere, or whatever makes you happy! If you can provide extra hidden storage for overflow books

Make It Cozy

There’s nothing like snuggling up with a good book, especially during the colder months. We’ve picked out a few pieces you can add to your reading nook for ultimate comfort.

Take It Outside

Do you prefer reading outdoors in the crisp fall air? If weather permits create an area on your porch or backyard that is ideal for reading! Make sure you have storage for a hot beverage and extra books!

To create the perfect reading nook, you need to make a space that works for you and welcomes you in! Use existing places in your home to create such a place. Surround the space with items, art, plants, books and whatever else makes you happy!