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Summer is here, and TastesBetterFromScratch has Everything you need to know to make the perfect Charcuterie Board including food ideas, recipes, and pro tips for assembling and displaying your charcuterie board.

Charcuterie Board Recipe


Brie cheeseCheddar Cheese cubesOther sliced cheese – swiss , provoloneCream CheeseJalapeno jellyCrackers (3-4 different types)Baguette , slicedMeats , salame, prosciutto, calabrese, or whatever you likeStone ground mustardOlives , balck, green, kalamativeFruit – grapes , strawberries, apples


Choose your board.  The size of your board or plate largely depends on the number of people you are serving and it can be as large or small as you like!  If you have a lot of people to serve or simply want a larger variety of food  (dips, sandwiches,  desserts, etc), you could always use multiple boards. Any board will work (cutting board, serving tray, or even your countertop).My favorite way to serve a large crowd is to ditch the board or tray and lay a large piece of butcher paper all the way down my counter or kitchen island. Then, place piles of food and arranged meats and cheese right on the butcher paper!Add serving bowls and cheese wedges. Start by placing bowls or plates you’ll be using for dips and condiments and any larger wedges of cheese spaced out over the board.Fill in the gaps. Now fill in some of gaps with sliced meats, cheeses, crackers and bread. Pay particular attention to the colors and textures of your food and separate colors in a way that allows the brightest colors to really stand out. You can fold some of the meats like an accordion and set them upright, or roll them into tubes so they’re easy for people to grab.Stand back and assess.  If you have any gaps around the board or in the corners, add fruit or extra crackers. Enjoy!


Pro tips for a GREAT Charcuterie:

Keep it simple! This may seem obvious, but design your board based on the people who will be eating from it, fill it with simple foods that people actually LIKE! When in doubt, avoid fancy and expensive cheeses, nuts, crackers or condiments that the people you’re serving may not care for.Make it COLORFUL! I love to add color through fruit, like bright red apples, green and red grapes, strawberries, raspberries or blueberries.

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