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Pack smarter with travel pouches that make staying organized spark more joy. These packing cubes feature mesh fabric that’s super durable, as well as a water-resistant envelope pouch. Available in 5 different sizes, these organizers will keep your luggage in perfect order. Available in 12 colors!

Packing Cubes

Product Details

Packing and unpacking made a breeze5-piece set— including a water resistant envelope pouchFits perfectly into your luggage and drawers


I researched a lot of packing cubes before buying these. These are super functional and super trendy at the same time!! Can’t wait to use them for more trips

The color is so pretty and the bags are sturdy and easy to clean.

First Calpak buyer but not the last. My 5 piece packing cubes are great for my trips, love the color and material. I loved that you can still see what you packed.

I used to complain about being unorganized while living out of a suitcase but I’ve found these organizational cases to be so helpful!! I’ve been able to fit so much more in my suitcase. Thankful I found such a great quality product!

This is the perfect wallet for traveling, whether overseas or closer to home! Functional and classy!

Absolutely love my purchase! Perfect sizes for travel organizations. Love the print as well, quality material. I recommend to everyone who will be traveling soon.

Who knew I needed packing cubes?! Lol. After purchasing, I feel that I cannot live without these!!! They keep my luggage extremely organized and I feel like there’s never too much time packing or unpacking because everything stays in it’s place.

We travel quite a bit and these travel bags are the bomb….. I love the organization first and foremost, it looks neater when you open you suit case, things stay in place whiles bags are being bounced around like a foot ball, LOL. The quality is fabulous.

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