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The Southport Patio Egg Chair from Opalhouse is a fun and unique addition to any outdoor living space. Large and visually interesting enough to stand on its own, it can also still fit into a larger arrangement with ease. This wicker egg chair with cushions supports you from every angle, making it the perfect place to curl up with a good book or podcast.

Patio Egg Chair

This is your house. Where you create spaces as bold as your spirit. Collect objects as inspired as your dreams. Find pieces that remind you of every place you’ve been. Discover stories to inspire everywhere you have yet to go. This is Opalhouse.

Complete with DuraSeason Fabric cushions. Say hello to our new, Target-exclusive 100% recycled poly fabric. It’s ultra durable, featuring water- and fade-resistant material. Furthering our commitment to sustainability, DuraSeason does not contribute to pollution and is free from harmful chemicals.

Rust Resistant


Deep-seated egg chair is comfortable and stylishAll-weather wicker patio chair stands up to the seasonsNatural finish complements any outdoor sceneThick seat, side and back cushions encourage you to sink in and relaxDuraSeason Fabric cushions are water- and fade-resistant

Patio Egg Chair


Absolutely love, definitely worth the wait! We’ll be enjoying this both indoors & outdoors

The most sought after seats on our patio. I love them!!! We have two at our home and I purchased another for my daughter’s home. The chairs are very large but that’s what makes them so comfortable and cozy. Watch for them to come available again. The knock-offs just don’t compare to these.

Stunning, comfortable and sooooo cozy. Such a unique piece and well worth the price! Putting on the topmost part was felt finicky and took quite a while, but otherwise assembly was very easy.

I’m obsessed with this chair! So big and cozy, and has completed my boho bedroom perfectly. I am 5’10”, and have so much room in here to snuggly up, sprawl out, etc. Get it!

There is no other chair like this on the market!! Seriously!! It’s the comfiest thing you’ll ever sit in. I’m the kind of person who can find a way to love almost anything and I’ve tried to enjoy the knock off versions of this but I’m telling you, there is no comparison. I’m so excited to have finally gotten my hands on it. If you’re waiting for the next restock, it’s worth the wait. I promise!! I missed three restocks because they’d sell out before I could pay but I am so glad I didn’t settle with this one and just waited it out.

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